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The Burning Lights promise to keep a melody in your head and a spark in your heart. After performing for several years under his own name, frontman Steve Knecht decided to start fresh and set out to form the group in the suburbs of Boston, MA. Built on the desire to bring honesty, high energy, and relatable thoughts and feelings of being human to the outcasts and the lovelorn, The Burning Lights strive to always focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. They evoke not only nostalgia for memories from a long lost past, but a sense of belonging in the present, and reassurance that there is still a bit of magic left in an otherwise seemingly chaotic world. Their sound is on par with that of punk-pop greats Motion City Soundtrack, The Maine, and Jimmy Eat World, tinged with emo and powered by good old fashioned guitar-driven rock and roll. Whether it's a late summer night driving with the windows down young & wild & free, or a cold and lonely evening spent reminiscing about a distant faded love, the heartfelt music of The Burning Lights is the perfect soundtrack to accompany you through every aspect of life.

The band is currently in the studio with Arun Bali of Saves the Day in Nashville making their debut LP.

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